White vs. Black Aluminum Fences, Which Is Better?

When you think of a metal fence, most picture a beautiful, wrought iron design that is as timeless as it is classic. But wrought iron hasn’t been a staple in fencing for decades, and advances in manufacturing means that you don’t have to go with a heavy and bulky wrought iron fence that is prone to rust and other damage just from the passage of time.

Today, you can get a beautiful black aluminum fence that has that just-right and classic wrought iron look without the cost, bulk and maintenance issues. While aluminum won’t fool a wrought iron specialist or connoisseur, they’re just as secure and rigid — and they look the part, too. But with low-maintenance aluminum, you’ll get a durable fence that will enhance the security of your home while standing the test of time.

On the manufacturing end, black aluminum fences consist of various pickets, toppers, posts and screws — and sometimes panels and gates — but to most anyone they look just like those historic wrought iron fences that everyone loves. Even better than wrought iron paint, black powder coating is applied to improve the look but not to shield against rust — aluminum is rust proof. That makes aluminum more affordable, lightweight and longer lasting with less maintenance than wrought iron, which is why aluminum is the material of choice for most metal fencing today.

Choosing an Aluminum Fence Style

Before you can pick a color such as a white or black aluminum fence, you’ll have to first pick your style. Different designs can give a whole new feel to your outdoor areas for a miniscule outlay, and while most aluminum fences may be relatively subdued, there are ways to get more ornamentation if you so desire.

One of the big decisions you’ll have to make is with the fence topper. Toppers are typically flat or speared, whereas the spear tops have a rounded press point finish and the flat tops typically have a double rail. If you want both, some designs alternate flat tops and spears.

For the utmost in security, a speared top is best to prevent climbers and other issues, though it’s also important to match the style of your fencing to your home. A gothic style black aluminum fence around a modern home and property would likely look out of place, so don’t go too out there with your options just because you can. For a more modern look, go with a clean double-rail.

Not Just Black

While most aluminum fencing is powder coated black to keep with tradition and make it look more like wrought iron, you can actually get aluminum fencing in other various colors. The good news is that the powder coating is paint that is fused to the aluminum so it won’t ever flake, chip or leave unsightly gaps.

In addition to those traditional black aluminum fences, you can also do white or, bronze. If you already have an aluminum fence around your property you can always repaint it a different color if the existing color isn’t working for you, though you might have to strip the existing paint or powder coating and apply new paint, and that could take several weekends of hard labor.

For that traditional look, there’s nothing like a black aluminum fence in semi-gloss black. But if you have lots of light colors around your home, black might be too heavy. In these cases, a white or bronze may be the better option so that it blends with the background and doesn’t call too much attention to itself.

For a historic look, bronze or gold accents can dial up the ornamentation and clearly define the property line. Ranch style or modern homes may be better suited with a lighter color such as white or tan, but that depends on your property and your home. A white fence may look just right in a desert community or in a neighborhood with lots of white picket fencing, but that same look might be off-putting in a more urban area or where more of the surrounding colors are darker.

In general, you’ll want to stay in the same temperature range as the rest of your yard and property. Unless you’re looking to make your fence a feature, it’s often best to blend it in with the surroundings and make it look like it’s always been a part of the property. Some modern houses may look great with a glossy black aluminum fence while others may need a metallic finish or a clean white to look the part.

The Timelessness of Black and White

All that said, there is something to be said for how a white or black aluminum fence can really tie everything together. While you can paint your aluminum fence just about any color under the sun, what looks great today may not look great in 10 years, or even next season. There’s a reason why most aluminum fencing is either black or white — it works! After all, if you go to sell your home in a few years and that striking property fence isn’t resonating with buyers, you could have a very expensive mistake on your hands.

Generally, the best fence is one that blends in with the property. It’s not like the property line is the most important piece of your home, and an unassuming fence provides the same kind of security and protection as an ornate fence at a fraction of the cost.

As a classic fencing color itself, white is great at brightening an area while remaining tasteful. White goes well with modern and traditional homes, and it can be an ideal match for a white-trimmed home or if you want to play it up with some plant ivy or other climbing plants or flowers.

But you can’t argue with a black aluminum fence. It’s formal and works in both industrial and commercial settings, as well as at home. If you have large shrubs, lots of grass or trees around your property, black is a color that won’t stick out in the way that a white would, and it’s also great for more overcast areas that may not get a lot of sun.

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