Who Is the Best Aluminum Fence Distributor?

What makes the best aluminum fence distributor? There are plenty of aluminum fence distributors out there, of course. How do you choose which one is the right one, the one that will transform your home into a safe and secure place that has great curb appeal, the one that will transform your hazardous backyard pool into a danger-free zone, and the one that will increase the value of your property because of the quality of design, materials and installation?

We’ve broken this question down into five categories: where can you get the best quality aluminum fencing materials? Where can you find the widest variety of aluminum fencing styles? Where can you get the best pricing for aluminum fencing? Where can you get the most comprehensive aluminum fencing installation support? And where can you find an aluminum fencing company you can trust? We’ll answer each of these questions in detail below, but we’ll give you a hint as to what the answer is: Aluminum Fences Direct.

Quality of Aluminum Fencing Materials

By choosing aluminum for your fencing needs, you are making a wise investment. Aluminum has many attractive features that other materials don’t have: it’s superior to wood fences, vinyl fences, steel fences, and wrought iron fences.

Aluminum Strength

When it comes to the fence around your yard or pool, you want something strong. Fences look good–there’s no doubt about curb appeal–but they also keep your yard safe. A strong fence is a fence that will keep in kids and pets, but also keep out unwanted strangers as well as wildlife. The rail across the top has to be strong in case someone (your teenagers, maybe?) try to hop the fence and you don’t want it bent. But the pickets have to be strong, too, so that your younger children can pull them apart and squeeze through and go out into the street.

You might be surprised to learn that aluminum is very strong material, indeed. Instead of imagining soda cans and tin foil when you think of aluminum, think of car parts, airplane frames, construction equipment and so much more. Yes, pound for pound, steel and iron are stronger metals (but we’ll talk about the downsides of steel and iron below) but when it comes to a strength competition between aluminum and wood, or aluminum and vinyl, aluminum comes out on top every time.

We use 6000 series aluminum for all of our fence panels and posts, with properties that are unsurpassed by other manufacturers. That’s us: Aluminum Fences Direct.

Aluminum Maintenance

Let’s talk about the maintenance that you have to put into an aluminum fence: there is none. Literally, there’s nothing you need to do to maintain your aluminum fence (unless you include hosing off grass clippings or mud from the yard). You’ll never need to paint, polish or patch our aluminum fences, ever.

Why is this? Two reasons: the first is that aluminum is a corrosion-resistant material. Unlike steel and iron (see? we’re talking about them now) aluminum doesn’t rust. It’s not because of any treatment we give to aluminum, either: aluminum can’t rust because of its chemical properties. Rust happens when iron oxidizes, and aluminum has virtually no iron in its composition (unlike steel and, well, iron). In fact, while aluminum does oxidize, its oxidation actually acts as a protectant seal for the aluminum underneath.

The other reason that our aluminum is so corrosion-resistant, however, is that we do actually give it a powder coating (because there are other things that can corrode a metal than just water and oxygen). We coat all of our products using an environmentally-friendly electrostatic powder that leaves them extremely durable. It does not emit the large amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that is common in the liquid coating process, which damage the atmosphere. Our coating is guaranteed to meet and exceed the most strict performance guidelines of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA-2604) against corrosion and fading, keeping your purchase looking beautiful and maintenance free.

Again, that’s what you can expect with the best aluminum fence distributor: Aluminum Fences Direct.

A Wide Variety of Aluminum Fencing Styles

When you’re looking for aluminum fencing, it’s almost never a purchase you’re making purely for security reasons. If you just wanted a cheap way to keep things out of your yard you could put in unsightly and low-quality chain link, after all. No, when you’re choosing an aluminum fence because it not only keeps your property and yard secure, but also because you like the way it looks. Let’s face it: aluminum fences look great.

And we have every style under the sun.

If you want a standard, solid, good-looking fence, then you need search no further than the Floridian or Sierra, both with clean lines. Want something with a little more architectural detail? The Outback and Carolina styles both have unique top profiles that take a standard fence to the next level. Want spiked pickets at the top of your fence? We have lots of options for those, from the straight-topped Appalaichian to the jagged Manhattan to the very strong XP (eXtra Picket Fence) to the Castle, which arrays its spiked pickets in a gentle but distinguished curve across the length of the panel. And if you want a fence specifically for animals in your yard we’ve got you covered with the Puppy, which has narrowly-placed pickets at the bottom to make sure your pup (or other pets) won’t go astray. And, of course, if you want something much more ornamental, there is the Elegant Arch, which has gorgeous arching pickets overlying a spike, and the singular Cathedral, which is perhaps the most regal looking fence in our catalog.

But don’t think it stops there, because we don’t settle for second best when it comes to style offerings. You can customize your fence–any of the styles mentioned above–with a wide arrangement of accessories, including Monarch, Victorian or Imperial finials to replace the press-point topped pickets. We also have Ball Caps for the top of your posts, and even Solar Caps to spread a little light into your well-fenced yard. There’s optional scrollwork that can be added to a fence to give it a little panache.

And, of course, not all our accessories are necessarily about style: we also have a variety of items that make a good fence great just in terms of usage. These include the Lokklatch Magnetic, the Ornamag Lockable Latch Double Sided, the Magna Latch, and many more latches, mounts, and mount covers that will turn a regular fence into a perfect one.

And what aluminum fence distributor has all of this? You can only get it through Aluminum Fences Direct.

The Best Pricing on Aluminum Fencing

You would expect the best aluminum fence distributor to have the best aluminum fence pricing, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Aluminum Fences Direct. Our aluminum fencing starts as low as $42 a panel!

We have better prices because we’ve got the wholesale prices. You’re not working through a middleman who marks up the price of your aluminum fence. These are the rock bottom prices, the best you can find anywhere.

Want a comparison? HomeAdvisor says that the average aluminum fence panel comes in at $60 per panel. And we’re starting at $42. They say that ornamental panels can go for as much as $240 per panel. Our top-of-the-line styles get under that price by as much as $40 per panel.

Add on top of that our Rewards Program that gives you gift cards for sending us pictures of your beautifully completed fence or by referring others, and you’ve got the best pricing on aluminum fencing, period.

Comprehensive Aluminum Fencing Installation Support

If you’ve looked around at getting an aluminum fence, you probably get some real sticker shock when you find out the cost of installation. HomeAdvisor says that the price of paying installers to put in your aluminum fence can be anywhere from $15-$40 per foot. That can be upwards of $4000 for a fence, or more! That’s enough to make anyone question whether they want an aluminum fence or not.

At Aluminum Fences Direct, you save that money because you’re the one installing the fence. Don’t let that scare you! If you’ve even done a little bit of work around the house or yard, you’ll be fully capable of installing a fence. And we’re here to give you absolutely as much support as you’re going to need with our comprehensive aluminum fencing installation guide.

You can read it all now. It’s not hard–we promise. We tell you exactly what tools you’re going to need (don’t worry, they’re nothing difficult) and then we describe in step-by-step detail exactly what to do and when. We give you illustrations to help you map out your yard and design your own fence, figuring out where you’ll put your gates, where you’ll put the posts, and how many panels you’ll need. Once you’ve got that figured out, you order the fencing and we ship you everything you’ll need including all the hardware.

Then you just follow the easy instructions and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful fence that not only looks great but actually adds value to your property. It’s true: a fully installed fence will make your house appraise for even more money than it did before. So if you can get the benefit of that, and save yourself $4000 in installation costs, why wouldn’t you choose Aluminum Fences Direct?

An Aluminum Fencing Company You Can Trust

We’re a company you can trust, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our website is overflowing with the positive reviews we’ve received from customers who have used our aluminum fencing, installed it themselves, participated in the rewards program, and are enthusiastic enough to send us a message telling us what a good experience it was. You can find all the reviews here, but here’s a few highlights:

“We are very pleased with the entire process from start to finish. From the initial estimate to delivery, and following the installation instructions, the process was smooth. Now fully installed, the fence adds safety for our child and dog, increased curb appeal to our home, and resale value. The fence was easy to work with, lightweight yet strong and blends in with the existing landscaping.

We have received lots of compliments from the neighbors, friends and family. It was well worth the investment and would use Aluminum Fences Direct again without pause.

Thanks again and it was great doing business with you.”

(Anthony W., Wall Township, NJ, December 2020)

Or this one:

“Buying our fence from Aluminum Fences Direct was a GREAT decision. They were awesome to work with. Very helpful and their price was the best anywhere. I loved the videos they sent for installation purposes. They made putting the fence up ourselves so easy. I highly recommend Aluminum Fences Direct to anyone.”

(Dave M., Jackson, MO, September 2020)

And the reviews keep coming in!

Made in the USA

Other companies will say that their products are “made in the USA” but what they mean is that they’ve assembled the pieces here. For Aluminum Fences Direct, we don’t want to sell you a product shipped from China or Mexico where we can’t control the quality. We want to know that when we send a fence panel out of our warehouse, it is going to satisfy the customer in every way. That’s why all of our fencing comes from a supplier who not only assembles their products right here in the Carolinas, but gets the actual aluminum itself from local manufacturers. It truly is Made in the USA, and that means “quality”.

Test Us

Want to be sure that we’re the best aluminum fence distributor? Put us to the test. You can contact us by email or phone–and yes, that phone will be answered by not only a real-live human being, but a human being who knows a lot about aluminum fencing. So give us a call and see if we know our stuff. We guarantee that we do, and that you’ll get the customer service that you deserve.

Are you ready to work with the best aluminum fence distributor?

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