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All three of these classic fencing styles come in 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72” heights. All of the styles are available in 6’ widths for all variety of heights.

Each of these styles, as well as all the other styles, are available in Black, Bronze & White powder coating.

Each style has its own elegant look that adds value and security to your yard, pool, or property, and each one can be installed with basic materials and tools, following our step-by-step guide.

Sierra Fence

Sierra Fence

Sierra w/ Optional Rings

Carolina Fence

48″ Sierra Fencing:

54″ Sierra Fencing:

Sierra Fencing

The Sierra fencing design offers a clean, distinguished look that would be appropriate from the suburbs to the house on the hill. Each panel has tall verticals with three rails crossing horizontally. The lowest is just above the ground, providing stability to the well-made aluminum fence. It is topped cleanly by two rails, one riding along the cap of the fence and the other just below, creating an elegant, secure appearance that says that this fence is strong and dignified.

The Sierra can be built with optional rings between the top rails, giving the fence an altogether different look that shows class and sophistication. It gives off a vibe of sturdiness, combined with the ornamental detailing that sets it apart from other fencing styles.

The Sierra can also have its pickets go all the way to the ground, through the bottom rail, or the bottom rail can be moved down to be flush with the bottom of the pickets, giving it a nice, clean look.

Carolina Fencing

The Carolina Fencing design is similar to both the Sierra and Outback styles. Like the Sierra, it has strong top rails that give a rectangular, firm appearance, but like the Outback, it alternates the height of each alternate pickets. The alternates terminate at the second-to-top rail, giving the Carolina an architectural structure with wider gaps at the top than between the main pickets. The overall design is neoclassical and formal, perfect for both modern or traditional homes.

The Carolina can have its pickets go all the way to the ground, through the bottom rail, or the pickets can terminate at the bottom rail, giving a nice clean look.

Find the gate width and options you need and order today. If you have any questions, please give us a call or shoot us an email. We are here to assist you with all your aluminum fence and pool fencing needs.

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