Best Alternatives to a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences have become popular in the past since they were functional, inexpensive, and also easy to find.  However, this is not the case these days. Chain link fencing has some disadvantages which makes it a less favorable option compared to vinyl or aluminum fencing.

Disadvantages of Chain link fencing solutions

Let us first take a quick look at the disadvantages of chain link fencing. No Privacy Chain link is not a great option when it comes to privacy fence. If you install this, you neighbors will get an unrestricted view of the yard. This is not good for privacy and security reasons. Moreover, if you have pets, they will be distracted by the people and cars on the street. Zero Sound Absorption The open chain link doesn’t stop the sound waves that travel in and out of the yard. In case you live by a busy road or have noisy neighbors and prefer quiet, chain link fencing will not help you much. Not Pleasing to the Eye Chain link fencing is not popular since they appear outdated. Good fences will help you develop good neighborhoods.  In case your neighbor is not a fan of your fence then it can lead to an unhappy situation.

Why Aluminum fencing is a better option

There are people who like the idea of using metal due to its durability, thin pickets, and style.  In such case aluminum fencing can offer a more customized and attractive design for the yard than a simple chain link fencing. Irrespective of whether you want contemporary or traditional style for your fence, aluminum fencing is suitable for all. You can cast aluminum in geometric designs.  This will make it the most ideal fencing material for your house. Even though aluminum is not the best privacy fence option or offer sound-proofing, it will provide amazing views of the backyard along with excellent security.  Moreover, it is quite difficult to climb or break in. aluminum fence will offer safety and style for your home.  If the aluminum is coated then it will also be rust resistant. When you want to go for a fence that stands out, aluminum fence is a great option. See also: Top Benefits of Aluminum Fencing (Infographic)

Reasons to Install a Vinyl Fence

Do doubt, vinyl is the most durable fencing option and a great alternative for chain link fence. Unlike chain link, this doesn’t rust or oxidize even after being exposed to sunlight. Moreover, a vinyl fence doesn’t suffer from insect infestation like wooden fence. When it comes to privacy, vinyl fence is the ideal option. Vinyl fencing can be installed just like wooden fencing.  It will offer you and your family with some privacy. If you enjoy the look of wood but want something long-lasting, there are vinyl in wooden tones. Many people fail to realize that there are options which can replace your old chain link fence. With numerous styles and heights available in aluminum and vinyl, a fence upgrade will increase the value of your house. This will give your house a complete makeover.
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