Aluminum or Vinyl Fencing for Use on a Cemetery or Family Plot

A grave or family plot can provide an important emotional connection to the past, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. Aluminum fencing can help protect a grave and keep it looking beautiful.

Losing a loved one is probably the hardest thing that many of us will have to face in our lives. The loss of someone we love in our lives can be keenly felt, and is why many families feel so connected to loved ones’ graves or family plots. It becomes a place to be close to those that have passed, and many families choose to decorate this plot to suit the loved ones they’ve lost, or to create a space where they can sit and reflect.

Therefore, many families have been choosing to add aluminum or vinyl fencing to their plots, to help create a special space for them to visit. Therefore, in this article we’ll be exploring some of the reasons why families are choosing to do this, and why you might wish to add fencing to your own family plot.

Why Aluminum or Vinyl?

When many of us think of cemetery fencing, we think of traditional wrought iron fencing. However, for many modern families, this fencing option is a thing of the past. Listed below are some of the main reasons why families have chosen vinyl or aluminum fencing for their plots.


Wrought iron is heavy, expensive, and can be costly to install. Sadly, while we all want the best for our loved ones, funeral costs can be a hefty hit to savings, leaving budgets a little strained when it comes to the cemetery plot. Aluminum and vinyl fencing are far more affordable options than wrought iron, without compromising on durability or appearance. It is also much more lightweight and far more easy to install, being able to be installed in a day by you and some helpers. This could even make a good group activity to talk about your departed loved one, and reminisce on some of the great moments of their lives.


Often due to hectic lives, those in charge of maintaining a loved one’s grave site are not able to attend their loved one’s resting place as often as they’d like. Wrought iron is a fencing solution which can require a lot of care. It is vulnerable to rust and deterioration, and can have inherent imperfections in the material which can cause the fencing to deteriorate faster. This can leave a plot sadly looking shabby and unkempt, something their family would never want for their loved one, and repairs and replacements can become expensive.

On the flip side, aluminum fencing is highly rust and corrosion resistant, as is vinyl. Both fencing options are also easy to clean, and are long lasting and require little care, meaning the grave site looks well cared for years down the line.


Fencing offers security to your family plot. Depending on the type of headstone you have, to distracted mourners or visitors your plot can be overlooked, resulting in individuals trampling over the plot, of course unintentionally. This can cause damage and is of course hurtful to you and your family. Therefore, the correct fencing can help mark out your plot and prevent accidental trampling.

Sadly, grave sites are often plagued by vandals seeking to shock or upset innocent members of the public. Having fencing around your plot can also help to prevent this, especially if your fencing of choice features finials.


Many modern families view death as a moment to celebrate life and remember the person as they were. Fencing around a plot helps to customize your loved ones resting place, and can even help to reflect the type of person they were in life. Vinyl and aluminum fencing is great for this, because they come in a wide range of styles and designs.

Aluminum fencing can be minimal, modern, traditional, or highly decorative. This traditional type of fencing can be a great and respectful addition to their resting place.

Vinyl fencing also has a range of traditional and modern styles, but also comes in a huge range of colours. From muted to bright to bold, this type of fencing can be great to reflect the taste of lost loved ones who were younger or who were just big characters! Of course, if your plot is communal you’ll need to make sure you aren’t breaking any overall rules with your style or color choice.

Remembering the Good Times

Either way, whatever you and your family choose, it is important to remember that in times of grief and loss there really is no right or wrong answer. Take your time to heal first, and make the grave site a place that you feel able to be comfortable visiting, as well as to be able to remember the good times you had with your dearly departed loved one. Work together with your family to find the best solution that both fits your budget and honors the memory of those lost.

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