Is it possible to paint Aluminum Fences?

There are many reasons as to why a lot of people choose aluminum fence as their fencing solution. The most popular one is that they are rust free and can withstand any weather conditions. Second, is that they are solid and low maintenance. Many people that have aluminum fence for years, wonder “Can aluminum fence be painted?” The good news is yes! They can be painted to any color you want to match your interior or exterior. The additional benefit is, that they can be painted multiple times. So, in case you change the color of your home or office, then you can change the color of the fences to match the new color scheme. See Also: Aluminum fence color options Another popular question that many people ask “Is the painting of aluminum fence as simple as a wall or a wooden door?”. Unfortunately it is not. The initial painting which is done on aluminum fence is powder-coated through a special mechanism under specific conditions to encourage long lasting color. The powder-coating is highly durable and is capable to handle harsh weather conditions. It also increases the life of your fences manifolds. Nevertheless, if you choose to re-paint your aluminum fence there is a way to do it.  Just follow our simple instructions below.

How to Paint Aluminum Fences ?

Step 1: Clean your Aluminum Fence:
Before applying a new paint, the fences must be clean from dust, dirt, grease or any sort of oil.
Step 2: Apply a Primer:
Before starting to apply the new paint, an aluminum suited Primer must be applied. It helps in sticking the color and also increases the durability of the paint.
Step 3: Apply New Color:
Make sure that the paint you choose, is a paint that is specifically made for metal. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands dirty and go ahead and give your fence a new look.  It will not only give you a fresh look but also increases the strength of your fence. As time passes by, there can be wear & tear in the fence due to any reason. So a new paint apart from giving a fresh look, will also repair such minor damages and improve the durability too. If you have any questions or need advice regarding re-painting your existing fence or installing a new one, contact us and our experts will be more than happy to help. Unlike other companies, we do support our clients even years after purchase.
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