How to Choose The Best Aluminium Fences For Your Dog?

Here at Aluminum Fences Direct we love dogs and we’ve made sure to offer our customers the best aluminum fences for protecting their precious pets.

Keep your dog safe inside the boundaries of your property and at the same time keep other animals or other people’s pets and unwanted guests out. Regardless of what your dog fencing needs are, we have a solution for you!

Don’t forget that clear boundaries are important for dogs. Knowing their territory makes them feel more secure and their patrol area manageable. Dogs want to protect you as much as you want to protect them so make it easy for  them by installing the right fence that will keep them protected and safe for years to come.

Dog Fencing Solutions

The two most common types of aluminum fences for pet owners are puppy fences and puppy XP fences.

Puppy Fences

Our Puppy fences have pickets positioned closely to one another at the bottom of the fence so that there is no room for escaping even for the smallest dogs. The gaps get wider across the middle and top sections.

puppy xp fence

Puppy XP Fences

Our XP fences have pickets that are closely aligned without any larger gaps. Their pickets have the same alignment from top to bottom.

If you have a small dog, then any of the 48 and 54-inch puppy panels will keep your dog secure.

In case you have a larger strong and you think it can jump over the 54-inch fence, then the best option would be to go for a 72-inch fence. You can also read how high can I build a fence for more details.

How to install your dog fence?

Installing a fence to contain or protect your dog is easy. Follow our DIY installation instructions and if you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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