How to Select a Decorative Aluminum Fence Design

Choosing the right aluminum fence for your property may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s a few of the most common designs you have to choose from, and some pros and cons of each to help you decide. Aluminum fencing offers an affordable, easy-to-install solution to securing your yard, pool, or property. As aluminum fencing can be used for a variety of different purposes, including security, pet containment, commercial or industrial use, residential curb-appeal, and pool safety, it is not surprising that this diverse fencing option is available in a wide range of design options. This allows you to not only improve the security of your property, but express your own personal style and tastes. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the most popular aluminum fence designs available, exploring some of their unique features, and considering why they might be the ideal for your yard or property.

Picket-top Fencing

This is probably the most common design feature we all think of when picturing fencing, and is ideal for those with traditional tastes. This style of fencing is also loved for the added layer of security it offers properties, reducing the risk of trespassers by helping to prevent climbing. However, it is also for this reason that this design of fencing may not be suitable for some homeowners. Owners with active pets or children are probably best avoiding picket-top fencing, due to the potential risk of accidents. This style of fencing also may not be suited to more modern properties, as its traditional design may clash with your home’s modern aesthetic.

Floridian Fencing

Where picket-top fencing is ideal for the traditionalists, those with modern homes or minimalist tastes will love Floridian fencing. Simple and understated, this style of fencing features a flat top and moderately spaced pickets without bars. This fencing is great for spaces within a yard such as around the poolside, as it provides a protective level of security, but does not obstruct the view of your home. In terms of cons, this type of fencing may not be ideal for owners of traditional homes, due to its modern appearance. As this fence has wider pickets, it is also not ideal for privacy, and would not be safe for those with small pets such as chihuahuas.

Outback Style Fencing

This aluminum fencing option offers the perfect compromise between traditional and modern styles. It features picket tops which are attractively alternated between high and low, but unlike the typical picket-top design, the outback style fencing features a flat top that covers the pickets, making it a far safer option for families and pet owners.

Renaissance Style Fencing

As the name might suggest, renaissance fencing is ideal for traditionalists who want to bring the grand, opulent styles of the renaissance era to their homes. This fencing style features a wealth of design features, often inspired by floral or natural elements. This aluminum fencing closely resembles traditional wrought iron fencing, but is far cheaper, far lower maintenance, and far easier to install than wrought iron. As this style of fencing is far more about style and design, while they will add some degree of security, renaissance fencing is chiefly designed with aesthetics and privacy in mind, so for those looking for security as their top priority, this design of fencing will not be advisable.

Appalachian Fencing

This fencing features elements of minimalism and traditionalism with picket tops, but overall skinnier pickets, rails, and posts than other fencing options. Typically, fencing with picket tops is ill-advised for pet owners, but Appalachian fencing comes in a variety of heights, which means you can get a fence high enough that even the most energetic of pets will be unable to jump over it. This fence can also be made with closer together pickets, giving you great privacy, and also meaning small children and pets cannot sneak through.


Aluminum fencing also offers a diverse range of optional accessories that can be selected to add your own flare to your selected design. Adding accessories can also rejuvenate or transform your existing fencing too. Depending on the purpose of your fencing, some accessories may be mandatory, such as latches or locks for poolside use. Being able to add accessories is also ideal for creating fencing which matches homes that are unique in their design. Adding finials, for example, could add a traditional or classic touch to more modern fencing, or could be added once children or pets are older and less likely to experience mishaps. Put simply, the ability to add a variety of accessories to your long-lasting aluminum fencing means homeowners gain a fencing solution that changes as they do.

Picking the Fence for You

Picking the right decorative aluminum fencing option for you and your home should always be a decision that is a balance between practicality and style. Choosing a fence for its style alone could leave you with a design that reduces the safety of your property in regard to pets and children, but picking a fence on functionality alone can leave your home looking bland or municipal. Therefore, when picking your decorative fencing option, consider both your wants and your needs to ensure a fencing solution that is perfect for you.
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