What Type of Pool Fence is Best?

Well, you finally did it. You were finally able to put in the pool of your family’s dreams! You’ve been thinking of opening day at your very own pool for ages. You can almost picture it. The sight of the cool, clear water, the smell of sunscreen, the sound of splashing and children laughing. Your family is all set to beat the summer heat for years to come!

But, there’s just one last detail that needs to come into focus:

What type of pool fence do you see? What type of pool fence is best?

Wait, do I really need a pool fence?

The short answer is yes. You absolutely, 100% do need a pool fence.

Pool fences are one of the most effective measures a pool owner can take to ensure his or her children’s safety. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists drowning as the second most common cause of accidental death in children under 14 behind motor vehicle accidents. In children under the age of 4, drowning is the number one most common cause of death overall. Additionally, over 75% of these drowning occur less than five minutes after the child was last seen, meaning even the most attentive parents can still be susceptible to tragedy. The good news is that a properly installed pool fence reduces a child’s risk of drowning by 83%. Pool fences save lives. Beyond the safety benefits, a pool fence is required by law code in nearly all local and state municipalities.

What are the legal requirements of a pool fence?

This question is going to vary based on the laws of your specific location. Be sure to check the building codes for swimming pools with your local government or homeowner’s association.

Still, the basic goal of all pool fence codes is universal — to ensure that unattended and uninvited people and children are kept out of the pool area. Typically requirements mandated by most municipalities are based on the provisions set by the International Code Council, or ICC. The ICC is a non-profit agency that establishes the minimum requirements for all aspects of the construction industry to ensure the safety of all structures built.

Standard ICC pool fencing guidelines include:

  • -Pool fences must be 48 inches (4 feet) tall. 
  • -Pool fences must have self-closing gates that open AWAY from the pool.
  • -All latches must be self-latching and located at least 54 inches off the ground.
  • -The space between the bottom rail and the ground can be no more than 2 inches. 
  • -The distance between the upright pool fence pickets must not exceed 4 inches.
  • -Any item or structure that could be used as a “step” to climb over the pool fence (including pool pump, pool filter, tree, shed, or similar) must be located within the fence or farther than 4 feet away outside of the fence. 

Additional guidelines and regulations will vary by specific location.

Please be sure to check your local laws and codes BEFORE ordering any fence materials!

I want a pool fence that looks great and lasts a long time. What are my options?

Pool fences are available in a variety of materials that will be ICC requirements for safety. These types of fences include steel, vinyl, wood, and aluminum.

What type of pool fence is best?

In general, aluminum is widely considered the most cost-effective, owner-friendly pool fence material for many reasons.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum pool fences will not bow, rot, decay, wither, or otherwise wear out over time like vinyl or wood fences. Unlike steel, aluminum is highly resistant to rust. Getting an aluminum pool fence this less time repairing your fence and more time enjoying your pool!

Easy Installation

Aluminum pool fencing is made in pre-assembled panels that simply need to be connected and put in the ground, making installation a breeze! It can even be installed on an incline. Aluminum pool fence is really the best do-it-yourself fence option.

High Durability

Aluminum pool fences from Aluminum Fences Direct are made from the highest quality aluminum giving them years and years of lasting use. Additionally, aluminum is a great year-round option as it easily withstands sun and heat as well as cold and ice.

Code Friendly

Due to the pre-assembled panel construction, aluminum fencing is highly pool fence code compliant. It leaves our factory with a guarantee to be of the exact specification ordered. No need to worry about lining up pickets during install. Everything is already perfectly in place and ready to install!

Creative and Stylish Options

At Aluminum Fences Direct, the only thing we love more than a high quality aluminum fence are stylish high quality aluminum fences in a wide variety of options. We offer over ten unique options to meet your code and aesthetic needs, ranging from the classic Floridian, to the elegant Cathedral, to the pet-friendly Puppy. Many styles come in multiple color options meaning Aluminum Fences Direct as the best pool fence options for anyone!

How hard is it to install an aluminum pool fence? Could I do it myself?

One of the best features of an aluminum pool fence is the easy installation. It is really the perfect do-it-yourself pool fence project for both novice or experienced homeowners. For specific details and instructions, please see our detailed installation instructions or contact us with any questions. 

Not interested in a self installation? No worries! Aluminium Fences Direct is also happy to provide installation referrals where we can, don’t hesitate to contact us

No matter who is installing your pool fence, there is some preparation work that must be done prior to starting.

Get permission from your local authorities

Prior to starting installation or even ordering your material, be sure to check with your town or other local government to verify that your fence plan is in accordance with local safety and zoning laws. Additionally, confirm with your homeowner’s association (if applicable) that you are within any guidelines they have for style, color, and height for a fence.

Mark the locations of any underground utilities

Aluminum fence posts are secured into the ground to provide suitable stability. Before digging, call your local utilities and have them come out and mark any underground pipes or wires. This little step takes no time and costs no money but can save you tons of both in the long run. If you install your fence on top of utility lines, you not only risk damage to the pipes and wires but you also will have to remove your fence to allow any utility repair to occur. Save the headache and get everything marked!

Create a detailed installation plan and WRITE IT DOWN

Rough measurements and half baked plans will not cut it when it comes to installing a safe and attractive looking aluminum pool fence. Come up with a master plan for where your fence will be and what it will look like. Be sure to mark the places for the gates and posts. And don’t forget about code! All parts of the fence must be at least 3 feet (or otherwise mandated by local zoning board) away from the edges of the pool. The more detailed the plan, the easier the installation. As an added bonus, a detailed plan will make getting approval from your local municipality a piece of cake.

Gather your tools.

Installing an aluminum fence pool is very straight forward but it can still be good to double check and make sure you have everything you will need prior to the big day. Typical items that are useful for installation include: wooden stakes to mark each corner, string line and a string level to ensure straight lines, a shovel, concrete, wheelbarrow, post-hole digger, and a screwdriver.

At Aluminum Fences Direct, we offer only the best in aluminum pool fencing materials because we know that you want the highest quality in safety and style for your pool fence needs. No matter the size, style, or type of your pool, we have the perfect options to keep your pool safe and your family having fun for years and years.

Don’t hesitate! Buy fencing today!

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