Is Black Aluminum Fencing Really Your Best Option?

The classic black aluminum fence is widely known as the most-cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and value-boosting fencing option on the market. But is this actually true, and should you add an aluminum fence to your property? Stick around for the next few minutes to learn what your options are, and to find out if black aluminum fencing is right for you.

The Types of Fencing

There are plenty of options other than black aluminum fencing to secure your yard or property, but not all options are made equal. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent non-aluminum options out there on the market.

EcoStone Fencing

These are environment-friendly fences made of 25% recycled material and manufactured to look like classical stone fences. Though these are helpful for reducing your carbon footprint, many home and property owners are put-off by the “fake-rock” look of these types of fences.

Chain Link Fencing

The classic chain link fence is a cheap, tried and true way to protect one’s property. However, the low cost comes with a high-price. Chain link fences are aesthetically unpleasing, require constant maintenance, and do very little to deter intruders and pests from invading your property.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is a broad category that comes in many different varieties. The upsides are that wood fences are often very beautiful and can add a sense of privacy to your yard. Unfortunately, the downsides for wood fencing are many. Wood fences: are well-loved by termites, are the least durable of all types of fencing, and are extraordinarily expensive in the long term due to the constant maintenance that they require.

Steel Fencing

Steel fencing is a sturdy, solid choice for keeping your home or property well-protected. They are particularly well-suited for uneven land and many of them come galvanized with a powder coating for rust prevention. However, in many cases the cons outweigh the pros for steel fencing. They are not very versatile, can be quite expensive, and they have an industrial look that is often considered “over-the-top” and impractical for most home/property owners.

Wrought-Iron Fencing

Wrought-Iron fencing is an undeniably appealing and adaptable choice. However, the cost and the difficulty of installation make this an irrational decision for many home and property owners. Wrought-Iron fencing, depending on your needs, is also often the most expensive material option for fence installation.

Of all the choices available, aluminum remains the best and most recommendable choice. Perhaps the best argument for aluminum fencing is the diverse range of its applications. Because they are so cost-effective and incidentally easy to install, black aluminum fences are also easy to customize. Keep scrolling to see the wide array of benefits aluminum fences have to offer.

Black Aluminum Fencing Has Options

Choosing black aluminum fencing doesn’t lock you into just one option. When you order a black aluminum fence, you will actually be presented with a range of options to choose from. This is what those options look like:

Puppy Fencing

If you have pets at home and would like to let them run free in your yard, puppy fencing is an absolute-must. Click here to read more about how adding puppy fencing to your aluminum fence can keep your beloved pets safe from harm.



Aluminum fencing is diverse enough to suit any style of home or property, and picking the right type can add significant value. Fortunately, aluminum fences come in a dizzying array of options, all of which will add to the look, feel, and monetary value of your home or property.



Like with any other aesthetically pleasing product, it pays to add even more value. You can accessorize your aluminum fence with a wide array of options including latches, scrolls, finials, caps, and mounts. 


Gates are an absolutely necessary part of fencing, and can be a real pain to install with other fence types. Luckily, this is not the case with aluminum fencing. The adaptability of the material means that many different sorts of gates can be installed to fit the overall aesthetic of your black aluminum fence. To learn more about those gates, take a look here.



We’ve been talking a lot about black aluminum fences, but what we didn’t tell you is that you can also get them in white and in bronze. Whatever your style, aluminum fencing can accommodate and accentuate it.

But the benefits of aluminum fencing don’t end there. Here are some other reasons to select aluminum over other types of fencing for your home or property.

Other Benefits of Black Aluminum Fencing


You don’t need to spend all of that extra money on labor, you can install your aluminum fencing yourself! Depending on your level of experience, you may just need a nudge in the right direction. In which case, we’ve got you covered.

Add Value

Aluminum fences increase the resale value of your property. When people look to buy a home or a plot of land, they want something with aesthetically pleasing protection in-place. Properly installed black aluminum fencing might just be what drives the sale of your property in the long-run.

Secure Your Property

Simply put – nothing keeps your property and loved ones safe like having proper fencing. Aluminum fences deter intruders and protect the things you cherish, and they look great while doing it.



Once you’ve decided that aluminum fencing is right for you, let us know. We can walk you all the way through the process and have your ready-made, 100% American sourced-and-manufactured aluminum fence at your doorstep and ready to install in 2 – 3 weeks.

Contact Us today to secure your property and increase your value.

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