Puppy Fences: The Best Way to Keep Your Pets Safe This Fall

Black aluminum puppy fences are the ideal way to keep your pet contained and safe from everything out there in the world. Stick with us and in 5 minutes, you’ll know everything you need to know to secure your furry friend this Fall.

What Exactly is a Puppy Fence?

A puppy fence is a term we use to describe a fence that is built specifically with pets in mind.

The difference between a normal fence and a puppy fence is that puppy fences, like our 6′ wide black aluminum puppy fences, are specifically made to keep your pets in and other pets out. For reference, here’s an image comparison of one of our black aluminum puppy fence versus a normal black aluminum fence:

side by side

As you can see, the puppy fence has extra pickets placed all along the bottom. This prevents even the craftiest of animals from escaping or entering, and it still looks aesthetically pleasing!

Do I Need a Puppy Fence?

Puppy fences are an essential component of a safe yard for all dog owners. The sad reality of owning a dog is that bad things happen when they’re able to escape and if anything else is able to enter.

All kinds of pet-related tragedies are regularly reported due to a lack of foresight and proper safety precautions. These include:

  • Pet Theft
    • It’s a hard truth to swallow, but the fact is this: people steal pets. Recent studies have shown that nearly 2,000,000 dogs are stolen every year. Puppy fencing will certainly help to deter this, but it is worth making sure that you have the proper fencing installed to maximize the safety of your home.
  • Pets Hit by Cars
    • This is likely the first worry you’ll have if your pup escapes from the yard, particularly if you live in a neighborhood with lots of traffic. Improper fencing is often the cause of this common and perfectly avoidable tragedy.
  • Dog fights
    • Dogs can be very territorial creatures, even if they’re typically very friendly. There is no point in risking contact between two dogs when one or both of them are unattended, and puppy fencing is the most logical option for avoiding such a circumstance.
  • Losing Pets Permanently
    • Perhaps the most worrisome data of all is that 80% of pets that go missing are never found. Few things are harder than losing a valued member of the family, and data such as this is cause for alarm for all of us pet-owners.

For more information on why it’s important to use fencing to keep your dogs safe, read on about why black aluminum puppy fencing is safe for your dog here.

We all want to keep our dogs healthy, happy, and secure. Pets just don’t know any better. And unfortunately, people are fallible and not every neighbor has our best interests at heart.

The best and simplest way to avoid unnecessary dog-related tragedies is to keep your dog at home. The best way to do that is of course with our fencing, but let’s take a look at some other options for keeping your pets safe.

Puppy Panels & Other Pet Fencing Methods

There are a variety of alternative methods for securing your yard and keeping the family dog at home where they belong. One of those options are puppy panels, which you can be purchased as an add-on to an already-built fence. Puppy panels are less reliable than a traditional puppy fence (this is because a puppy fence requires no maintenance or extra installation), but are still an effective option.

There are a couple of other DIY methods to protect your dog, but these are less-than-ideal.

Here’s a look at what those methods are:

Plastic Mesh

The cheapest and worst option for keeping your pet contained is by using plastic mesh, particularly if you have a dog that’s inclined to try and escape. Plastic mesh might slow them down, but in many cases it won’t stop them.

The way it works is by crudely attaching the plastic mesh to your fence posts with something like zip ties. It’s tough to keep tight, the material breaks easy, and it isn’t very pleasing to the eye. We strongly recommend against using plastic mesh to keep your pets safe. 

Wire Mesh

Using materials like chicken wire or welded wire (or some other wire-based material), these can be attached to the bottom of your fence in a similar fashion to plastic mesh. This method is also ineffective at keeping your pets safe. The slightest vibration (dog jumping, gate closing, high winds) can start to degrade the material, forcing you to constantly monitor, maintain, and replace it.

Ultimately, the only serious options for protecting your dogs are black aluminum puppy fencing and puppy panels, but are they hard to install?

How Difficult is it to Install Puppy Fences or Puppy Panels?

The answer: It’s not difficult at all!

Finally, some good news. This is the beauty of black aluminum fencing: you can easily install it yourself, it’s durable and aesthetically pleasing, and you don’t have to pay the outlandish service fees that you might for other fencing options.

And if you buy from us, we’ll walk you right through the process – from making sure you make the right purchase all the way through the installation process. Just to prove that we mean what we say, here’s a look at some of our resources that might help clear up the aluminum fencing process for you:

Aluminum Fences DIY: Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information on Dogs and Aluminum Fencing

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It’s Time to Secure Your Dogs

Once you’re ready to keep your dogs safe and add value to your home in the process, look no further: we’re here for you. Contact us today and have your unique aluminum puppy fence made right here in the USA in 2-3 weeks.

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