How to Choose the Best Fence Color and Add Style to Your Yard?

A fence is a great way to add some character to your home and enhance the curb appeal. However, if you want your yard to appear stylish, you should consider giving your aluminum fences or vinyl fences a fresh coat of paint. This is particularly useful if the existing colors of the fence have started to peel or fade.

However, there are a few things which you need to consider before coloring up your fence. After all, you will want the end result to look impressive. Using just about any color may end up making the property look garish and out of place.

As such, take into account the following factors when determining which color to use for your fence.

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The Style of the Home

Think about the style that your home has and let it guide the choice of color. After all, fences should be an extension of your home.

For example, a colonial house or a traditional type of cottage will look great if the fence features a crisp white shade. However, a matte black finish will be preferable for stately homes or those that feature dark-hued bricks.

The Colors of the Home

The colors of your home should also be taken into account when determining the colors of the fence. While the look of the fence and the house should be complementary, it is not necessary for them to match.

A house painted mostly in white can look great with a white fence. However, a house painted in brown will never look as impressive if the fence is brown as well.

As such, you can opt for different colors to get the right effect. Alternatively, using different shades of the same color may enhance the overall effect. It is a good idea to consult a color wheel or magazines to determine which color for the fence will go well with the house.

The Colors of the Landscape

The landscape must be considered as well when determining the right color for the fence.

For example, if your yard features natural landscaping and lots of foliage, using bright colors on the fence is the wrong decision.

The right choice would be a neutral shade. Dark green or wood stains would be good choices as they help the fence to blend into the surroundings. Brighter colors are preferable when there are lots of flowering plants and shrubs.

Consider the Local Policies

The community you are living in will certainly have an effect on the colors you use on the fences. There may be rules and policies in place governing the colors that can be used. This is usually done to ensure that the community sports a uniform look.

Therefore, talk with the association to find out what colors you are allowed to use and choose accordingly.

When painting your fences, pay attention to the type of colors being used. After all, you should use paints meant for wood surfaces on wooden fences. While you may be able to paint the fences, it is a better idea to work with a professional.

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