Why Vinyl is The Right Fence Material For Hot Summers

We know that vinyl is a great choice for your home, ranch, or farm. It looks good, it’s easy to take care of, it’s something that you can install on your own and then forget about. But did you know that vinyl is also the best fencing material for the brutal summer heat? It’s true.

It may be counterintuitive. Don’t you remember all those vinyl LPs melting into slag when you left them in the sun? Well, it’s a different kind of vinyl (and vinyl has probably evolved substantially since you were listening to records).

So how is it that vinyl is the best fencing for the summer sun?

Vinyl Fencing Doesn’t Fade or Discolor in Summer Sun

For starters, vinyl fencing, whether it’s black or white, is not going to fade in the summer sun. White fencing is not going to turn yellow, or brown, or some other weird color, because vinyl simply doesn’t change colors in the heat. It can withstand any temperature (in North America, at least) and never lose its factory white look.

The same can’t be said about other styles of fencing–especially wood. Wood definitely takes a beating from the summer heat. Plain, untreated wood will discolor, but even painted wood will change into something unrecognizable. The pigments in paint are not made to withstand the temperatures that the sun can dish out through the middle of August–plus they’ll start to peel. It’s true. Painted wood will very soon start to lose its good look because that paint is going to flake away and chip, and soon you’ll be left with a fence that looks very much different from the fence you started with.

This goes the same with any painted fence. Iron? It’s very susceptible to heat, as the metal expands and contracts and the paint fades, chips, and flakes away. And with no paint on the iron, a little summer rainstorm comes by and–poof!–rust.

Vinyl Fencing Comes in a Variety of Styles

And really, what do you need a different kind of fence for? Our vinyl can do everything that a wooden fence can do. Just look at the styles of fence we have: Vinyl Ranch Fencing, which is the iconic look and feel of a ranch that is both beautiful and practical; the Vinyl Ranch Rail – Crossbuck, which looks right at home lining the road up to the ranch house–or turning your suburban home into a ranch house; the Vinyl Privacy Fencing is far better than iron, aluminum or chain link at keeping your neighbors out of your business, and the Vinyl Privacy Fencing Lattice does all of that with a little flair of style; the Vinyl Picket Fence can do everything a wooden picket fence can do–except it won’t chip or buckle or rot–and the Vinyl Scalloped Picket Fence is a fence that looks like it stepped out of movie from a more refined time.

Whatever you’re looking for in fencing, you’ll find it in vinyl, not wood.

Vinyl Fencing Won’t Buckle or Warp in the Heat

Vinyl is made from plastics, and it’s resilient. It’s made to stay its shape, and that means it’s going to stay its shape. Wood fences buckle under the summer sun, or warp in the heat. And that means you’re out in the summer sun replacing boards and rehammering nails because everything has come loose. That’s not what you want; that’s not what anybody wants.

Vinyl Fencing is Low Maintenance

Aside from not buckling and warping, vinyl doesn’t rust like metal, doesn’t chip and flake like wood, doesn’t rot, doesn’t bend, doesn’t sag. To prevent all of those things on an iron or wooden fence you’ve got to repaint them at least once a year, and that can get old quick. There’s a reason that wooden fencing is going out of style–it’s so labor intensive.

First it starts to peel, then exposed wood starts to weather. Then the wood starts to splinter and buckle. So you go out with a scraper and a sander, maybe rope your kids or spouse into the back breaking process. You sand and sand till your arm is sore and you can barely lift it. Then you have to paint it–and painting it one time is no good, you’ve got to give it a second coat. And you have to go through this process year after year after year as long as you own the house (until you finally break down and buy vinyl.)

Vinyl Fencing is Even Good in the Winter

One beauty of vinyl is that it doesn’t expand in the summer sun, but it doesn’t shrink in the winter cold either. Vinyl keeps its shape, no matter the weather, no matter the season.

So when you’re looking to make that good purchase on fencing–something that will last, that you won’t have to constantly maintain–look no further than vinyl.

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