Are Aluminum Fences Strong Enough To Provide Security?

Installing A Fence For Unwavering Safety

Oftentimes, when a fence is installed on a property or home, there are a multitude of things the property owner is expecting the fence to provide; an important one being security. After all, a barrier between your home and the outside world shouldn’t just be a decorative item. It should provide a healthy level of security and privacy to you and your family from the day it is installed until the day you leave the property.

Iron: The Strongest Of Them All…Right?

With brute strength in mind, the knee-jerk option to protect your home would be an iron fence. Iron is one of the strongest metals on earth that is commonly used in day to day life. However, with this type of metal, you will run into a multitude of issues. Firstly, iron fences are usually painted with typical liquid paint, which will suffer under the elements. It won’t be long until your iron fence is exposed to the elements due to the paint peeling or at least cracking due to the constant sun exposure. This leads us to issue number two: rust. As strong as iron is, it is extremely susceptible to rusting and weakening due to moisture. If you don’t believe me, try leaving an iron or steel tool out in your yard for a month, exposed to the rain and dew. You’ll retrieve your tool and discover that in as little as 30 days, the metal has already begun to rust.


This rust can cause a number of problems. Including the fact that your once beautiful fence is now speckled with orange spots or streaks. This is not only visible to you and your family, but also to anyone who drives by your home. A rusty fence sends a clear message to the minds of onlookers, even if they don’t realize it. The message is that this fence is either very old or is poorly maintained by the homeowner; neither of which bodes well for you. If you plan on selling your property in the future or are installing the fence to immediately increase the market value of your property, then having a rusty fence can backfire and have a negative effect on potential buyers. Not to mention the fact that after a few months your sturdy, protective fence can become an immediate need to visit the doctor to get a tetanus shot.

Wood Just Won’t Cut It

If your main concern is security and strength in your fence, then it is safe to say that you probably do not want to surround your home or property with a wooden fence. While they can give off a homey and romantic vibe, we all know what happens when wood is exposed to the elements. Wood absorbs moisture and soon begins to warp and lose strength and integrity. Maybe it will look great for the first few years, but unless you plan on replacing huge sections of your fence every five years or so, wooden fences are probably not the best option for your home or property.

Answering The Big Question: “Is Aluminum Up To The Task?”

Which leads us to the aluminum fence. Aluminum is rust and corrosion resistant, so at least we know that one of our problems is solved. Also, you will receive the secure “look” of a metal fence surrounding your property; and with our variety of styling options, we make it easy to find the perfect balance of security and beauty for your home. But now we need to answer a very important question: is aluminum strong enough to keep my property or home safe and secure?

Soda Cans, Cars, Trucks, And…Airplanes?

Before we look at the actual structure of our aluminum fences, let us first look at the chemical makeup of aluminum. When it comes to strength, steel and iron have the upper hand without question. However, when you consider the strength to weight ratio of aluminum, there are few metals on earth that can match it. Aluminum can often be seen as a weaker metal due to its common use in soda cans, which can be easily bent or crushed with your hand. What you may not know is that aluminum is also the material of choice for automobiles and aerospace vehicles. If countries all over the world are using aluminum to make airplanes, it shouldn’t be too hard for your aluminum fence to stop a stray dog or any other would-be animal intruder.

Aluminum For The Win!

Now that we know what aluminum is capable of in regards to things much larger than a backyard fence, it is easier to dismiss the stigma of it being weak just because it is used to contain your favorite soda. When it comes to fences, aluminum is the perfect balance of a lightweight material that will provide a strong barrier around your home or property. With its anti-rust characteristics and virtually no maintenance, aluminum brings the entire package. In our website, you can view the dozen different styles of aluminum fences to ensure that your security needs are met with the proper dose of decorative display.


Iron fences can provide the strongest barrier, but will be riddled with rust before you know it, and we don’t need to re-emphasize the problems that causes. Wooden fences may give you the “white picket fence aesthetic”, but that fairytale is very likely to warp and rot under the elements. Aluminum, on the other hand, is light, sturdy, and extremely rust resistant. With all of this in mind, we hope that you can rest assured knowing that aluminum is indeed strong enough to withstand the elements, provide a secure barrier, and be the perfect material for your home or property fence. 

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