Why Jesus Is In Our Mission

If you browse through our website, it won’t take you long to discover the “Why Jesus” section. Whether you are familiar with Jesus or not, it’s important for us to explain why we chose to include Him in our company publicly. After all, it would be strange for us to devote a section of our website to someone like Julius Caesar or Plato. So what makes Jesus different from any other person in history?

Why Is Jesus A Big Deal?

Before we answer the question of “who is Jesus?”, we need to dive into why He was born. You know how some people say that Eddie Van Halen was born to play guitar and Elvis Presley was born to sing? Well, Jesus was born to give everyone a second chance. When God created the world and everything in it, it was perfect. Adam and Eve were the first two people created on this planet.  They were without sin (in other words, they hadn’t done anything wrong), but before too long, temptation caused them to disobey God.  When they did this, sin was brought into the world and into the future generations of humanity. 

Heaven’ Qualifications

You’ve probably heard of a place Christians call heaven; a perfect paradise where there is no more pain or suffering for its inhabitants.  There was just one small problem: there is no sin allowed in heaven.  Anyone who is guilty of sin on earth cannot be allowed in.  God created us without sin, the perfect fit for heaven.  But because humans sinned and turned away from God, we were no longer fit to be admitted into heaven.  Jesus was sent to give us a second chance.

Jesus Was Sent To Pay For Our Sins

God sent His only son down to earth to be born as a human child.  Jesus, fully God and fully man, grew up without committing a single sin.  Never lying, never stealing, not even having a hateful thought.  He had to be perfect because only someone without sin could take our place.  Over his life, He performed countless miracles and sermons, giving birth to Christianity.  His time here on earth served as the perfect example of what it means to truly love God and His way of life.  At the age of 33, He was crucified as an innocent man. His death was a sacrifice for every human who ever lived and all of the humans to come in the future, including you. He took on all of our sins while on the cross and paid for them. 

He willing went to the cross to die for our sin.  He was buried in a tomb where He lay for three days.  On the third morning, He rose from the grave and walked out of the tomb.  He continued to preach for a short period after that and then ascended into heaven. Before He left, He entrusted his closest followers with a very important mission: tell everyone about what He did for them and teach them to devote their lives to God, so that His sacrifice will not be in vain.  If you accept that Jesus is your savior and give your heart to Him, then when you die and stand at heaven’s gates, God will not see the sins that you committed in your life, He will see that your sins are forgiven and paid for by Jesus.

The Responsibility Of Christians

Now we know who Jesus is and why He is important to Christians.  As His followers, we are responsible for carrying out the mission that Jesus left to his disciples: spreading the message of what He did for us.  On this website, we use the analogy of telling people about the cure for cancer and if you discovered it who you would tell.  If you knew the only way for people to spend eternity in paradise, then you would be responsible for telling people, right?  God created every one of us in His likeness, and He wants to see us all in heaven with Him for eternity.  The only thing He requires from us is that we accept His son as our savior and devote our lives to Him.

Aluminum Fences Direct and Jesus

So as followers of Jesus, we proudly carry that responsibility in our personal lives and in our business.  In today’s world, it is a rare thing for businesses to take a stand for Christ publicly, but here at Aluminum Fences Direct, we are proud to spread the good news and bring as many people to Christianity as we can. 

We take great pride in our work and in providing you with the highest-quality aluminum fencing.  Our team works very hard to give you an experience that cannot be matched and a product that will last a lifetime… But the work that we do for Jesus gives rewards that last for all eternity.


We know that this blog is different from our usual blogs about our fences and neighborly etiquette, but this message is very important to us.  We wanted to have this blog walk you through a brief overview of our faith and what it means to be a Christian.  Feel free to view our website and other blogs for information on our aluminum fences.  If you have any questions about our products and services, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to help you.  Additionally, if you have any questions about Christianity and what it means to follow Jesus, we are here for you.

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