What’s The Best “Anti-Wildlife” Aluminum Fence

As a homeowner, safety is high on your priority list from the start. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an individual who has a lackadaisical attitude toward keeping intruders off of your property. Our aluminum fence designs provide a formidable barrier against any would-be criminals around your home or property. But what about other types of intruders? No, I’m not talking about your neighbor who always wants to talk politics on your day off; I’m talking about wildlife.

For many homeowners, gardening is a comforting and rewarding hobby. There is something special about picking out the perfect seed or plant, placing it in the ground, and cultivating it on your own soil. Whether you would like to walk to your mailbox with your morning cup of coffee and pass a small garden of fresh fruits and vegetables, or a pristine flowerbed of azaleas, there is one factor that could wreak havoc: wildlife. As cute as rabbits and other creatures are, they do not play fair when it comes to eating up your beautiful plant life.

Fortunately, an aluminum fence from Aluminum Fences Direct can serve as a one-stop shop for combatting this issue. The key is simply picking out the best design to keep out those pesky plant eaters. Whether your greatest nemesis is smaller wildlife like rabbits or raccoons, or larger creatures like deer or surrounding dogs, we have the perfect solution for your home or property!

Let’s take a look at some of the best choices for keeping your home garden or flowerbed safe and secure:

eXtra Picket (XP) Fencing

This fence was originally designed to keep small children and pets from getting outside your property. But, as you may have guessed, it also serves as an effective deterrent for wildlife intruders that can squeeze through the traditional style of fencing. This design lives up to its name to the fullest. Its bars are tightly packed together throughout the entire height of the fence, leaving only an inch and 5/8th of space between each. These panels come in the standard six feet width in various heights and will act as a perfect barrier against wildlife for your home. If you have a small child or pet in the home, this fence deserves a second look. We know how adventurous little puppies and toddlers can be. With this fence, you can limit their unsupervised ventures to the safe boundaries of your property.

Puppy Fencing

As the name suggests, this design of fencing was created to keep small pets inside the lines of your property for their safety and for the safety of the neighborhood. The difference between the Puppy Fencing and the eXtra Picket Fencing is that the tightly packed bar design is only present on the bottom portion of the fence. Whereas in the eXtra Picket Fencing, the compact design extends to the full height of the fence. The Puppy Fencing is an excellent combination of style and practicality. This fence also comes in the standard width of six feet per panel. If your most common wildlife nuisances are small enough that they cannot jump or crawl over the bottom portion of the fence, then this would be the perfect fence for your home or property. Additionally, if you have a small pet, this could act as the perfect barrier to keep them safe.

Commercial Aluminum Fencing

The Commercial Aluminum Fencing is one of our most common choices in fence design. With much thicker pickets and rails and a width of six feet or eight feet per panel, this is a great choice for keeping out larger wildlife. This selection of fence also comes in a variety of heights, including 48″, 54″, 60″ and 72″.  We all know and love the story of Bambi.  The innocent, cute deer who is just trying to make his way in the world.  While this beautiful character holds a special place in our hearts, his real-life counterparts are a real problem when it comes to growing plants around your home.  A sturdy fence like the Commercial Aluminum Fence would be a great choice for your home or property if larger wildlife is your main concern. It will also do an excellent job keeping larger pets within your property lines.

Appalachian Aluminum Fencing

This style is available in residential and Commercial fencing designs, but with a few modifications. The top portion of the fence is equipped with our spearhead design to discourage scaling over the fence.  Like the previous design, the Appalachian Aluminum Fencing design is a great choice for keeping out larger wildlife and neighboring pets. This fence comes in panel widths of our standard six feet and heights of 36″, 48″, 60″, and 72″ and also 8′ widths in commercial grade.  With this design, you will receive the perfect balance of elegant style and unwavering security against various critters and intruders.

After going through some of our best fencing options for keeping wildlife in the wild and your plants safe, we hope you have a better understanding of which fence design is the right choice for your home or property.  Hopefully, now you can rest assured knowing that the countless hours of watering, fertilizing, and pruning will not be in vain.  The war against your favorite hobby can finally come to an end with the help of Aluminum Fences Direct.  Our mission is not only to give you the most secure and effective fence but also to communicate clearly with you to decide which is the best fit for your unique situation.  After all, it is your property!

We hope this article answered all your questions regarding this topic, but if you have any more concerns or questions, please feel free to browse through our website or contact one of our professionals.  Happy fencing!

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