Phil H.

Bought and installed a new AFD fence with excellent results. I did the removal of an old wooden fence and replaced it with an AFD fence myself..
The worksheets provided, accurately generated the bill of materials but I did buy an extra panel and post just incase there were any changes required. I did make one change and used the extra post. The extra panel is a replacement as we have a lot of deer about and they jump the fence – my neighbor has a metal fence also and the deer have bent it up pretty good.
The quality of the fence material was excellent and the instructions provided by the AFD website were easy to follow. There were certainly challenges that I worked thru, like digging post holes by hand – there are lots of roots in the ground as we live on a pecan plantation with lots of old roots underground. Another challenge was installation with everything plum and all this means is that I used a level and made a gage to provide even ground clearance for weed-eating.
The AFD company people were very helpful and knowledgeable. The packaging of the materials arrived on 2 pallets and the materials list matched the materials received. No damage as the packaging was excellent.
I would definitely recommend buying fencing from AFD.

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