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If you’re reading this, you are more than likely in need of some fence. Before purchasing your fence, you need to decide which type you want.  Aluminum Fence is a great value with numerous benefits and minimal upkeep.

The Ideal Choice

The age old tradition of the wooden fence is now being replaced with durable, modern aluminum fencing. There are a number of reasons that make aluminum the ideal choice for homeowners and businesses in need of a fence. Aluminum is malleable, ductile and can be molded into various shapes without much difficulty. Aluminum is also non-magnetic, non-toxic and a good conductor of heat making it a better choice than other metals.

aluminum fences
aluminum fences

Why Aluminum Fencing Over Wooden?

There are a number of reasons why homeowners now prefer aluminum fences over wooden fences.

  • Whereas wood often rots in climatic conditions, aluminum is made to withstand the elements.
  • Unlike aluminum, wooden fences are prone to termites
  • Aluminum is fire resistant.
  • Over time, wood requires preservative treatments and coloring. Aluminum Fencing does not require this costly and time consuming maintenance.
  • Aluminum is available in a variety of designs and colors that can complement any home or business.

What Aluminum Fences Direct has to Offer

Though there are a number of Aluminum Fencing companies in the US, Aluminum Fences Direct is known for exceptional quality and low prices.

  • We offer genuine aluminum bought from the US in comparison to other firms who buy aluminum from countries such as China or Mexico.
  • We offer a wide array of designs including Cathedral, Floridian, Manhattan and many more.
  • Our fences are easy to install saving customers hundreds of dollars they would normally pay a contractor.
  • We also offer gates, pool fences and railings,
  • Maintenance is minimal as there will be no requirement of coloring the surface of your Aluminum Fence in the future.
aluminum fences

The National Experts

With years of experience selling aluminum fencing to states across the country, we are able to assist customers in choosing the perfect fences and gates for their needs. Our quality products and low prices have made us a preferred choice among fence distributors across the country.

Whether you are a homeowner in need of a fence around your property or you are contractor looking for some fences to install for a customer, you can count on the experts at Aluminum Fences Direct.