Best Aluminum Fence Accessories

In fashion, accessories add importance to your own personal style, taste, and preferences. Accessories highlight your look with endless possibilities. Market research reveals that individuals wearing accessories often rank higher in appeal than individuals who do not wear accessories.

Much like in fashion, aluminum fences offered by Aluminum Fences Direct can be accessorized to add some additional flair. The ability to accessorize aluminum fences confirms their advantage of being versatile and aesthetically pleasing while offering premier durability and security. Aluminum fences truly are the gold standard in fencing!

Types of Aluminum Fence Accessories

Unlike in the fashion industry, accessories for aluminum fences play many different roles. Whereas in fashion, accessories are merely for aesthetic reasons, accessories for aluminum fences also serve practical purposes. The many different types of accessories offered by Aluminum Fences Direct are highlighted below:

Finials & Caps

A finial is a distinctive ornament at the top of a roof, building, or even an object like a fence. Finials have a rich history of accenting and decorating a building or an object. For example, the Great Pyramid of Giza has a gold-capped finial at its point. Government buildings often have finials at their highest point as a symbol of importance.

When it comes to aluminum fences, finials can be outfitted at the top, pointed part of the vertical pickets. Traditional aluminum fence pickets end with a traditional spike, but Aluminum Fences Direct offers accessorized finials to add some flair. Finials and caps are affordable and easy ways to add value to your fence without being overstated.

Aluminum Fences Direct offers five different varieties of finials and caps. The Monarch Finial is traditional yet elegant. The monarch variety offers a royal aesthetic fitting for an emperor or empress. The Victorian Finial is perfect to match your Victorian-style home. The Victorian Era stretched from Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 to 1901. The architectural style is known for steep, gabled roofs, round angles, towers and turrets, and shapely bay windows.

The Imperial Finials mimic architecture from the Age of Imperialism which began in the 1760s. It was a time of colonizing and the industrialization of nations. Common characteristics of imperialism that these finials match include dormer windows on the top floor, the use of large stone blocks, and overhanging eaves with decorative brackets.

Most aluminum fence picket caps are rectangular and plain. Aluminum Fences Direct offers a ball cap that symbolizes security and solidarity. In addition, ball caps are less likely to snag wind-blown debris or animals that may try to hop over your fence.


Finials and caps are a great way to accessorize the top of your fence while mounts are a great way to accessorize the bottom of your fence. Mounts add sturdiness to your fence which may be important in high traffic areas, high crime areas, or areas prone to extreme weather. A deck mount highlights the base of your fence with additional welding that enhances the profile of your fence.

Deck mount covers don’t add extra sturdiness to your fence but pair extremely well with your deck mount bracket. Deck mount covers hide the screws elegantly. Wall mounts are important to ensure a solid connection from the horizontal rails of your fence to its connecting surface. Thanks to wall mounts, it’s impossible to squeeze in between the end of a wall and the end of the fence. Lastly, swivel mounts allow for odd-angled turns for your fence. This is desirable for fences with gates at areas that aren’t square or at even 90 degree turns.


Scrolls are another type of architectural detail that have a rich history. Scrolls are architectural ornaments that date back to the beginning of art itself. They are a combination of dynamic shapes and spirals that make for the perfect aluminum fence accessory. Aluminum Fences Direct offers both small and large scrolls.

Small scrolls are meant for the top panels of an aluminum fence whereas the large scroll more prominently fits in the middle of your fence or gate. Aluminum Fences Direct recommends pairing scrolls with fence styles like the Sierra variety.

Latches & Locks

Latches and locks are another accessory that serve a functional purpose. The Gravity Latch offered by Aluminum Fences Direct allows a gate to close on its own using nothing but gravity. The Single Sided Lokklatch is a lockable latch that can only be accessed from one side of the fence. The Double Sided Lokklatch has a latch and lock on both sides of the fence which is best for come-and-go traffic while still offering a high level of security.

The Ornamag Lockable Latch Double Sided serves the same purpose as the Double Sided Lokklatch, but instead has door handles to make opening and closing the gate even more intuitive. The Magna Latch uses strong magnetics to ensure that a gate is closed tightly. Lastly, the Lokklatch Magnetic combines magnetism and the Lokklatch technology from the other two varieties.


In fashion, accessories can make or break an outfit. In the world of fencing, accessories play a similar role. Aluminum fence accessories offered by Aluminum Fences Direct are elegant, yet non-flashy features that help spice up your fence line. They make your fence more aesthetically appealing while allowing you to customize and add your own style and flair to the fence.

Aluminum Fences Direct offers accessories such as deck mount covers, scrolls, finials, and caps that serve strictly aesthetic purposes. They also offer wall mounts, floor mounts, and latches that serve functional purposes.

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