David S.

Thank you for caring enough to follow up with the delivery. I’ve got to tell you this has been a surprisingly wonderful experience. From the moment I sent the request for a quote to having the fence sitting in my garage, my expectations have been far exceeded in every way. First, you responded to my quote request in less than an hour while I had anticipated a 2 day wait. Even though I already had a materials list, you asked for a sketch to double check and be thorough and accurate. I appreciate that. The invoicing and electronic ‘intuit’ payment was super smooth. The packaging of the fence was top-notch to prevent scratching and damages; a concern that I had. The only way the fence could get scratched or damaged is if it was severely abused by the shipper. I have heard horror stories of fences delivered from Lowe’s that were bent and scratched. Which brings me to the delivery. I know you have no control over the carrier, but even the driver was extremely nice. It was an accurate shipment with every item accounted for. The product, Outback Residential, is a really nice, quality aluminum fence. IMO, it’s nicer than what is sold at the ‘big box’ stores. It also saved me $200 over Lowe’s’ plus it was delivered to my doorstep. I can’t say enough good things about you folks. Without a doubt, you are customer focused and have a quality purchasing and fulfillment process in place. The expectations of the companies and products we deal with in this country today have been lowered to a point to where it’s refreshing to come across outstanding service like yours. I am most pleased and look forward to getting started on the installation. I have built dozens of custom wood fences of varying designs but this is my first aluminum fence install (and it’s for myself!). I will send a pic when I get it complete. Thank you again for all your help. You will be highly recommended.

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