Edward T.

I worked with Mark from Aluminum Fence Direct to fence in the back yard of a 1.25 acre lot. The project encompassed almost 500 feet of fence on terrain that was sloped and included woods in the back. My order actually arrived 3 days early which was a nice. I took time from work thinking that I would need to unload this fence myself from a large truck and lug it to the top of my sloped driveway approximately 75 feet away from the road. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to the manual labor. To my surprise, a pickup truck arrives with a trailer and the contents. When I spoke to the young man, he worked for the manufacturer and they deliver fence themselves. The fence was delivered in pristine condition, and the driver and I unloaded it together (He actually did most of the work). The installation of the fence has been very simple and I am pleased with the quality and price. The product is also produced in North Carolina, it is not imported from China. Absolutely no buyers remorse. If you are in the market for a nice powder coated aluminum fence, give Mark a call and you will be thrilled with the product, the price, the delivery and the service. I am a happy customer.

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