What is Aluminum fencing, and Why is it Perfect for Fencing?

Why Should I Choose Aluminum Fencing?

We know aluminum fencing is attractive, but what else does it have going for it? Here, we cover what aluminum is and what makes it such a great option for your fencing project. Most commonly known for its use in soda cans, aluminum is a diverse light silvery-gray metal that can be morphed into a whole host of items besides the container for your favorite beverage. In this article we’ll be discovering what aluminum actually is, its unique properties, and why it may just be the perfect solution for your properties fencing needs.

Getting to Know Aluminum

Aluminum, or aluminium in other countries, is a chemical element in the boron family on the Periodic Table of elements. Not only reserved for canned goods, aluminum is a lightweight, malleable metal also used in foils, kitchen utensils, aeroplane parts, and, of course, fencing. Proudly sitting as the Earth’s most abundant metal and coming in strong as the third most extensive element over all, aluminum is prized by many industries for its unique properties. The most widely used metal after steel, one of the key factors that sets aluminum apart from other metals is its lightness; compared to steel, aluminum is 2.5 times less dense, so tip your hat to aluminum next time you easily lift a soda can to your lips!

Why Both Manufacturers and Customers Love Aluminum

Aside from how light it is, there are a multitude more reasons why aluminum is at the top of the list for manufacturers and consumers alike, with demand for this silvery metal at around 29 million tons each year – that’s well over 4 million elephants’ worth! Easily recyclable, and with no difference between ‘virgin’ (aka brand new), and recycled versions, aluminum can be used time and time again without compromising on its quality. One of the most important aspects of aluminum to know, particularly in regards to its many outdoor applications, such as fencing, is that it is corrosion resistant. This means that is it very hard to rust, and will last decades whilst still looking as fresh as they day it was installed. Aluminum is also soft and malleable, allowing itself to be transformed into stylish yet practical designs that will last the test of time.

The Perfect Metal for Fencing

There are so many reasons to fall in love with aluminum fencing over its more traditional counterparts such as wrought iron or steel, with one of the most important considerations for customers being price. The malleability of aluminum means that it can perfectly replicate the look of traditional metals, but at a fraction of the cost. A standard 3-foot aluminum gate can set you back as little as around $90.00, whereas the same sized gate in wrought iron would could cost you well over $150.00 dollars. Imagine how many cans of soda or rolls of kitchen foil you can buy with $60.00 extra in your pocket! As previously mentioned, aluminum is near impervious to rust, however, for the more expensive steel or wrought iron, rust is one of the metals key pitfalls. To protect an iron or steel fence, it has to be treated either with primer, e-coating or galvanisation, and even then, if not done properly the fencing can start to drastically deteriorate in as little as two years! Why would anyone bother with the extra financial outlay, the stress of extra treatments, and the lack of guarantee of their effectiveness over the cheaper hardier aluminum? As it remains rust free, aluminum fencing can also be used around wet areas, such as a pools and ponds, not only adding a striking design feature, but also giving peace of mind, particularly if you have young children or pets. Aluminum’s lightness also amazingly means not only is it simple and affordable to ship, but it can be installed with ease by property owners themselves, compared to cumbersome steel fencing, which almost always requires a professional, of course at an extra cost. Homeowners can transform an entire yard into a stylish space, adding value and curb appeal in as little as a weekend with minimal tools and the whole family can be involved too. Best of all, with this clear concise guide, the installation process can become an absolute breeze.

A Nod to the Environment

As it can be recycled a limitless amount of times without compromising on its quality, an aluminum fence makes a great option not only for the financially savvy, but also the eco-conscious too. Its rust-free qualities mean it needs no maintenance, so no coating with nasty chemicals is required. As also mentioned, aluminum is abundant. Comprising over 8% of the world’s crust, and so easily reused, it can be comfortably considered as a sustainable resource. Finally, if you do want to remove your fence, maybe to change things up with another fabulous design, removal is not only easy, but recycling is too!

Final Thoughts

In a world that is growing ever more eco-aware and with the cost of living growing higher and higher each year, an aluminium fence represents a sensible investment for the security and style of your property. Cheaper, with no maintenance and easy install, an aluminum fence is a superior choice over heavy, pricey, and hard to maintain steel or wrought iron. Whether you’re looking to transform your yard, protect your property, or add safety to your poolside, think smart, and think aluminum fencing.