Do You Need to Have a Pool Fence around an Above Ground Pool?

An above ground pool can be an excellent choice if you are planning to have a pool in your home. Above ground pools do have some benefits to offer to the homeowner; However, homeowners often end up wondering if this kind of pool needs to have a pool fence around it. The fact is that there are legal regulations in place for this type of pool fence. As such, it is something worth looking into in detail. vinyl pool fencing and aluminum pool fencing are the most common choices. The Law on Pool Fences Before you construct an above ground pool, whether with a pool fence or not, or any pool for that matter, you must check up on the local laws and regulations on having the pool fence. Not all counties and regions require a pool fence. In other cases, the law might require you to put up a pool fence in order to protect people from accidentally slipping into the pool and drowning. While the chances of that happening in above ground pools are slim, you may still be legally obliged to get a pool fence. In certain areas, these type of pools are exempted from the rule provided certain conditions are met.

Why Choose Above Ground Pools?

There are quite a few reasons why aboveground pools are better than their in-ground counterparts. Here are some of which.
  • Cost: The biggest benefit to having an aboveground pool is the lower cost. For in-ground pools, you need to spend money on the excavation of the property. It is also difficult to get the required permission to do so. Additionally, the plumbing for these pools tend to be higher than the aboveground variety of pools.
  • Features: Despite the difference in the elevation of the pools, you can still have the same features. You can have features such as water fountains, Jacuzzi, diving boards and more in an aboveground pool easily.
  • Installation: Installing an aboveground pool is much easier than an in ground pool as mentioned above. After all, there is no excavation required. In many cases, an aboveground pool can be installed in just a couple of days. The same cannot be said about in ground pools.
  • Semi-Permanent: One of the best things about aboveground pools is that they can be dismantled as easily as they can be installed. You can easily move it to a different location in your property if you so choose.

Facts about Fencing for Above the Ground Pool Fences

While pool fencing an above the ground pool, there are a few things to consider:
  • Preparation: Before installing a pool fence, you should talk with the local building authorities and find out if there are any pool fencing building codes that you need to follow. Get permission from the insurance company to ensure that your pool fences meet their rules.
A pool fence around an above ground pool can enhance its overall safety by a considerable margin. However, you must ensure that it has been installed by a reputed contractor for the best results. Chosen and installed correctly, a pool fence can last for a long time.